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Chef Claudia started making pound cake and cookies at the early age of 9 and sold them in the neighborhood. Her main teacher was her uncle (a pastry chef himself) whom she would call whenever she needed advice. Claudia got a lot of inspiration spending time watching how he baked.
Her passion was put on hold when she graduated from high school with a degree in accounting. She started working as a public accountant at 17 and worked until 2004 when she began a home based bakery business with her brother.
The business was booming and began delivering bread to other bakeries and restaurants in the city. During the years of her tenure, she learned from the best to make many Chilean typical pastries and master them.
In 2006, Claudia had left her home based bakery and to pursue the dream of coming to the United States. She held many jobs to keep herself busy but her passion was never lost. She continued taking baking classes and baking for family and friends. She took a major step in 2012, when she joined L’Academie de Cuisine where she graduated with distinction as a professional Pastry Chef.
After graduating in May of 2013, she immediately worked toward opening her own French Bakery, and it only took her 6 months to stand it up in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Summer Baking Camp: Master Baker (Level 3)
Date: Monday August 21 to Thursday August 24, 2023

Time: 10AM to 2PM, 4 hours

Place: 8810 Brookville Rd Silver Spring MD 20910

Join us for this hands-on 4 days Baking Summer Camp, Chef Claudia and Her assistant will guide you during these 4 days camp (16 hours total) teaching you the best, safe and fun ways to bake. We will make everything from scratch using the best and finest ingredients (real flour, butter and eggs). We will provide the recipes that we use at our bakery!
Chef Claudia will teach you her technique and share with you her passion for baking. This class is 100% hands-on and very fun.

Day 1: Monday 8/21
* Doughnuts

Day 2: Tuesday 8/22

Day 3 Wednesday 8/23 Fruit tart
* Sucre shell
* Pastry cream
* Assembly and decorating

Day 4 Thursday 8/24 Fondant Cake decorating
*Vanilla Sponge cake
*Assembly and decorating

Empanadas cooking class

Date: Sat, August 26, 2023
Time: 6PM  3hours
Location: 8810 Brookville Rd, Silver Spring MD 20910

Join us for an evening in Chile, where you will learn to make the delicious beef and cheese pastry pockets that we all know and love: The Empanada. These flavorful handmade empanadas dough is traditionally filled with beef or cheese and have a variety of adaptions based on the country. On this class you will have the pleasure of learning directly from our well-known Chilean Pastry Chef “Chef Claudia” In this fun and hands-on class, you will be guided step-by-step in preparing your own Empanadas from scratch with authentic handmade Chilean-style fillings. You will learn to make the dough to then fill with our Chef’s recipe featuring diced beef (carne picada), onions and spices brought directly from Chile, as well as a cheese fried empanada. Next, the Chef will teach you how to fill your empanada disks before folding and sealing the edges off to be baked to a flaky, golden perfection. The best part of the class will be that you will enjoy your delicious handmade creations from scratch along with a glass of Chilean wine and of course you will take some empanadas at home to enjoy with your family.

– Beef empanada – Cheese empanada
Who can attend? People 15 years and older. No baking experience is required.

French Macaron Class


Date: Thu, August 31, 2023

Time: 6 PM  3 Hours

Location: 8810 Brookville Rd. Silver Spring MD 20910

Join us in this fun and hands-on class, you’ll learn how to make our famous French Macarons from making the meringue and mixing it (macaronage) , piping, baking and filling them all by yourself. Chef Claudia will guide through the whole process giving you the tips and tricks to make the most beautiful and delicious Gluten Free Macarons.

Program: – Vanilla Beans Macaron – Chocolate Macaron – Raspberry Macaron – Dark Chocolate Ganache – Vanilla White Chocolate Ganache

Who can attend? People 14 years and older. No baking experience is required.




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